Cessna 150 L & M / Cessna 152

For Aircraft with Existing Factory Installed 3 Point Shoulder Harnesses

  Shoulder Harness, Lap Belt with new buckle and end connectors. Replaces your Pilot or Co-Pilot Restraints.


$349.00 per seat

Shipping $9.00 per seat

New OEM quality AmSafe Inc®. belt assemblies, meeting TSO-C114.
In stock in Black, Gray or Fawn
Choice of over 80 colors by Special Order - There is no extra charge for non-stock colors. Please allow a 3 week lead on shipment
We cannot accept returns or provide refunds on special orders.
  LINKS:   Fixed Strap Installation
    Special Order Colors
    Stock Colors
    Belt FAQ's
    Alpha Aviation Tri-Fold
    FAA Brochure on Seat Belt Safety
Our belts are made for us by AmSafe Aviation® in Phoenix, AZ. We do not do any rewebbing, and we do not carry any parts to refurbish or make belts.


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