Replacement and Upgrade Kits

Replacements and Upgrades apply to aircraft that currently have factory equipped shoulder
harnesses, or have the hard points for shoulder harnesses located behind the headliner.

If you do not have shoulder harnesses in your aircraft now, or if you do not have the factory installed mounting hardware, you will need the STC KIT

 What Our Replacement/Upgrade Kits Include  

  Shoulder Harness and Lap Belt for 1 Seat - Pilot or Co-Pilot  
These Include All New Buckles, End Connections, etc.


If you're not sure if replacements are the correct choice, or if you need an STC to install new belts, check out our AIRCRAFT BELT GUIDE

CESSNA 100/200 OEM

Cessna 100/200 Series Details
Cessna 150/152 Details - Fixed Only
Cessna 177, 177A, 177B Cardinal Details*
Cessna 205/206/210 Details*
CESSNA 300/400 Series
Printer Friendly Sheets on each page

MOONEY M20 A thru G, J & K

Mooney Replacement/Upgrade Details*








Beechcraft, Cessna, Mooney and Piper

Lap Belt Replacements


* May Require a Minor Change Kit

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